Photography for me, from the very beginning, has been about capture. Not just in the literal mechanical sense of a shutter capturing a fraction of a second, but also in capturing a moment, capturing the viewer and in turn capturing emotion.

My story as a photographer begins in 2009, in college, at age 19. I’d had my heart set on becoming a graphic designer and creative director from my very early teens. But then I got my hands on a Canon 350D 18-55mm camera. I feel in love so deeply that the thought of spending my life as anything other than a photographer just didn’t make sense. I found my first job at Berrybenka. I worked five days a weeks for year, someday seven day to shooting Fashion from modeling to accessories, I also worked as a retoucher and graphic designer. I didn’t care, just as long as it was taking pictures and channeling my imagination into photography. I wanted to build a solid foundation as a photographer who could face any challenge out in the field and I really got to know my stuff. A tad obsessive perhaps, but it was that driving force that has led me to become the photographer I am today.

Most days, my life revolves around photography in some shape or form. I have a love of food that comes a close second to that of tahing pictures. When I’m working in the studio, I just know when I’ve got the capture. The same goes for when I’m in the kitchen. I just know when the flavors are right. When I’m not reading photography books, I’m reading cookbooks. Understandably then, some one year ago I bought those two loves together and started shooting food. Today, my work is in Jakarta where I have lived since 2008, shooting food, people and product photography for advertising and publishing client.